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When do I need new tires?

Signs Your Nissan Needs New Tires

Do you drive your vehicle regularly on Oklahoma roads? If the road conditions are harsh, your vehicle needs new tires to help with grip, handling and to stop the vehicle from sliding into another car. To protect yourself, you must learn the warning signs of needing new tires in order to replace each tire on time. If you need help to choose the proper tires, visit our service center in Enid, OK. We serve clients in Fairview, Alva, and Oklahoma City.

Tread Depth

The tread depth on every tire must remain above 1/16 of an inch. You can measure the depth with a gauge or penny. When using a penny, push Abe’s head down into the tread. If you can see his entire head, the tire needs more tread. Tread helps tires grip the road and handle better in rain and snow. In this situation, you should consider buying a new tire from our Enid, OK, Nissan dealership near Ponca City and Blackwell.


If there are cracks on the sidewall of your tires, replacement tires will be needed. When searching for flaws, examine the surfaces thoroughly for cuts and tacks because these issues can cause a slow leak. If you visit our Nissan dealership in Enid, you can swap your tires before they affect your driving habits.

Blister and Bulges

Over time, the exterior material on a tire may weaken. If this happens, the outer layer will develop a bulge. This problem must be addressed immediately because a sudden blowout could occur in the weak spot. Protect yourself with new tires for your Nissan car, truck or SUV. 

Excessive Vibration

If your vehicle vibrates aggressively during long trips from Enid, OK, you'll need new tires. Old shock absorbers, an unbalanced tire, or a misaligned tire can cause major vibrations. If you visit our dealership that serves Stillwater, we’ll let you know if your car needs better tires or if an internal problem is producing the vibrations.

You can learn more about the different tires that we offer for your vehicle by contacting our Nissan dealership in Enid, Oklahoma. Each tire that we stock can withstand harsh road conditions in Ponca City and Woodward. Visit us today, call 580-237-5616 or contact us online