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How Often should I change my oil?

An Oil Change Protects a Nissan Vehicle

Do you change your vehicle's oil on a regular basis? If the engine doesn’t have clean oil, your car won't run efficiently and can sustain damage. At our service center in Enid, OK, we have seasoned technicians who understand the importance of regular oil changes and other preventative maintenance on all Nissan vehicles. By using our service, you can drive your car confidently to Woodward, Fairview, or Alva.

How Often Should I Change My Oil? 

You can get oil change recommendations by reading the maintenance chapter in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have the manual, visit Nissan’s website to download it. In most cases, you’ll find two service schedules in a manual, which benefit special and normal driving conditions. The descriptions will help you determine your driving style in Oklahoma.

If your vehicle has an oil life monitor, it can also help you. Because the system calculates mileage, the maintenance light will flash instantly when the automobile reaches a predetermined mileage point. If your vehicle has a highly advanced oil monitor, the frequency of each oil change will vary because the technology gathers data from multiple sensors.

How Often Should I Change the Oil on my Leisure Car?

You may need to modify our maintenance schedule if you don’t drive your vehicle in Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and other cities regularly. Over time, the oil will contaminate the gas that flows around the pistons. If you visit our Stuart Nissan service center in Enid, we’ll remove the old oil before it degrades your vehicle’s delicate components. Experts recommend having the oil change on leisure vehicles at least once a year. 

An oil analysis is also recommended because it can detect hidden issues in your engine. When the tests are done, you’ll understand how far you can drive your car around Enid, OK, between oil changes.

To schedule an appointment for an oil change, contact Stuart Nissan dealership in Enid, OK. We’ll complete the process in a timely manner so that you can travel safely to Blackwell, Ponca City, and other cities in Oklahoma. Visit us today, schedule service online or call us 580-237-5616.