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Caring For Your Transmission

No driver wants to hear that they have a transmission problem. Transmission failure can be quite pricey depending on how bad the damage is. At Stuart Nissan, we want to help you avoid any unexpected costs that come along with a faulty transmission. Here are some tips on how to keep your transmission in good shape:

Check the Transmission Fluid

Checking your vehicle’s transmission fluid is pretty simple on most vehicles, but our team is happy to help if needed! We recommend doing this monthly. Your transmission fluid should be bright red, clear, and have a sweet smell to it. If you notice that the fluid is dark, murky, or has a bad smell, take your vehicle in to be serviced immediately.

Let Your Car Warm Up

We’re all guilty of starting our car and immediately driving away, especially when running late for work or an appointment. Not allowing your car to heat up before you drive can cause damage to your transmission over time, especially if you do it in the winter months. When you start your vehicle, give it a chance to warm up before hitting the road.

Be Cautious While Switching Gears

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to be careless when switching gears. However, this isn’t good for your transmission. Switching gears before your car is at a complete stop can really affect the transmission over time. When the temperatures are colder and you do this, it adds even more strain on your transmission.

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

If you’re using your car for a long trip, be careful not to overload it, especially in warmer temperatures. When you combine too much weight on your vehicle plus hot weather, it can cause a transmission failure.

Don’t Wait if You Suspect a Problem

This might be one of the most important tips, and one that will help reduce costs. If you suspect a transmission problem bring your vehicle to our service center and one of our technicians will take a look at it. It’s never a good idea to wait if you think there’s something wrong, and doing so could end up costing you more money.

Our Stuart Nissan certified technicians are ready to help you with any maintenance, repairs, or questions about your vehicle. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 580-237-5616 or request one online. Whatever the problem may be, our team will have you back on the road as quickly as possible.