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Caring for Your Vehicle's Brakes

Brakes are by far the single most important safety mechanism on your vehicle. Other than that, properly functioning brakes also keep your car running efficiently and your ride smooth. So, how do keep your brakes in the best shape possible? Follow these simple care tips.

Have Regular Brake Inspections

Your brakes are actually made up of many parts. Brake service includes the following components:

  • Brake pad and shoe replacement (which you’ll need every 20,000 to 60,000 miles depending on the type of driving you do)
  • Brake rotor machine-polishing or replacement (this is usually done at the time of pad replacement)
  • Brake caliper or caliper pin replacement (done when necessary)
  • Brake fluid flush (refer to your owner’s manual)

As you can see, the timing for each of these things is variable. Our service technicians at Stuart Nissan can help you work out the service plan that works best for your driving style and vehicle.

Look for the Signs of Brake Deterioration

These are the signs that your brakes probably need to be serviced sooner rather than later:

  • Squeaking, grinding, or other unpleasant sounds when you apply pressure to the brakes or release them
  • Having to press harder on your brake pedal to stop
  • An illuminated brake warning light

If you are noticing any of this, schedule service with Stuart Nissan immediately. We will get you fixed up quickly.

Helping our customers maintain and repair their vehicles at prices they can afford is our specialty. Our technicians are certified and are happy to address any of your concerns with your vehicle. Schedule your brake service today by calling 580-237-5616.